Our close neighbors

The Deer Park. 50 meters away from our doorstep. A lot to see – 2000 deers, a beutyfull restored Hunting Castle (opens July 1 th. 2013) and the Bakken amusement park
http://www.naturstyrelsen.dk/Udgivelser/Vandretursfoldere/Engelsk/Jaegersborg.htm – map download

Bakken. The amusement park, less than 1 km from our Klampenborg shop.
Don´t even ride there, but walk the way…

Bellevue beach. The first and original Copenhagen beach. Very beautifull, with a view to Sweden and the white Arne Jacobsen (Danish designer) Klampenborg houses in your background. Crowed on a hot summer day. Only 2 minuts away from the Klampenborg Shop. You can order a tastefull and pratical picnic basket for 4, if you order one day a head. Sandwiches, cake, fruit, wine.. DKK 499,-.

Ordrupgard Art Museum. 2 km from our shop. Allways worth a visit, if you are interested in art. You can either walk or bike. On the way to the museum you will pass the Klampenborg Horsetrack – http://www.galopbane.dk/index.php/english

NEW – Go picnic. Only DKK 499,- for 4 persons
Do it like the danes. Perfect for the beach lawn or a picnic in the Deer Park.
You can order a tastefull and pratical picnic basket for 4. Must be ordered one day a head.
Fresh sandwiches, cakes, fruit, wine (red or white) and. Paper napkins aso follows.
You can buy softdrinks and beers in our shop


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