Terms and Conditions

MTB-tours Tours (MTB-tours) rents bicycles (Rental Bikes) to its clients (Client) on the following terms:

Travel Insurance: It is the responsibility of Clients to hold their own travel insurance policy to cover personnel medical care in case of accident, loss due to cancellation, and any third party liability that may arise from the use of the Rental Bikes by Clients. No coverage is available from MTB-tours to insure Clients from loss in case of damage, theft or other liability incurred in the use of the Rental Bikes

Status of Rental Bicycle: MTB-tours confirms that an experienced bike mechanic, prior to renting, reviews each Rental Bike. Each Rental Bike is prepped for rental and supplied to Clients in properly operating status, and is ready to ride.

For the duration of the hire MTB-tours will maintain the Rental Bike in a properly operating status.

Obligations of Clients: It is the Clients responsibility to:

  1. operate the Rental Bike in a manner appropriate to prevailing road and weather conditions;
  2. wear a helmet and other protective clothing;
  3. know the relevant rules of the road and practice safe cycling; and
  4. know how to operate a multi speed bike.

Theft of and Damage to Rental Bikes: Subject to this clause the Client is responsible for any and all damage once Rental Bikes are received by Clients. This includes but is not limited to any form of theft and damage to the Rental Bike.

Excepting when the bicycle is rented to a Client particapiting on a MTB-tours Tours trip the Client will not be responsible for loss occasioned by the theft or damage of the Rental Bicycle during the rental period when the Rental Bikes have been stored in accordance with instructions provided to Clients by MTB-tours, whether that be at overnight accommodation, in bike trailers provided by MTB-tours or otherwise.

A valid credit card is required as security in case of theft and/or damage for each hire bike prior to the commencement of the rental period. In case of theft an amount of DKK 5000,- to 10000 Dollars will be charged to the credit card being the replacement value of the bicycle. If the Client has paid for the rental by credit card, then that credit card will be held as security for the duration of the Bicycle Rental. If the Client has paid by other means then the Client will need to provide a credit card as security for the duration of the Bicycle Rental.

Waiver: Clients acknowledge and agree that MTB-tours maintains no control over the operation of the Rental Bikes by Clients. MTB-tours assumes no responsibility for and cannot be held liable for any personal injury, property damage, third party liability or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of

  1. any wrongful, negligent or accidental acts or omissions on the part of the Client or the Client’s agents;
  2. any defect in or failure of any vehicle, equipment or instrumentality owned, operated or otherwise used by the Client
  3. any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any other party not under the control, direct or otherwise, of MTB-tours.

Clients hereby release MTB-tours and its agents and employees from and against any and all liability arising during the rental period. Clients acknowledges that they are aware of the risks involved with cycling including but not limited to physical exertion, forces of nature, accidents, travel via any mode of transport, adequacy of medical facilities, or negligence (other than wilful or fraudulent) on the part of employees, agents or others of MTB-tours.

Clients agree to be responsible for their own welfare, and accept any and all risk associated with the activities they undertake. Clients agree that the terms herein are binding on them, their family members, heirs, successors, assigns, dependents and/or minors accompanying them, and their legal representatives.

Clients acknowledge and agree that MTB-tours and its agents have the right to refuse participation by any person judged incapable of activities, and for not executing this document or other required documentation. Any dispute arising out of these matters whatsoever, shall be resolved in binding arbitration/adjudication under the laws of the country of Denmark. Any part of this document found to be void or unenforceable shall not negate the enforcement of the remainder.

Cancellation terms: The rental may be cancelled up to 14 days prior to the rental period with 10% administrative fee, 90% refundable. Within 14 days of the start of the rental, the full balance is non refundable if cancelled. Cancellations outside of 60 days are 100% refundable if prepaid.

Equipment Supplied: each rental bike is rented with a flat tire kit (1 spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, frame pump), 2 water bottle cages. Clients may supply items such as saddles, computers, water bottles, pedals and tools kits for fitting to the Rental Bikes. MTB-tours is not responsible for the any loss of or damage to client supplied equipment howsoever occasioned.

Helmets: Helmets are included and mandatory. Clients agree to wear helmets at all times when riding Rental Bikes.


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