Georg Pastorino from Chicago area – wrote about us – sept. 8 th. 2012

“You really didn’t think Pussanee and I could spend a week in Denmark and not mountain bike did you? Two days ago we ran into a man named Birger in a train station up in Klampenborg, He was wearing Endura Baggies, so I knew he was a MTB’er, I asked him where to MTB and he said he had shop that rented bikes in Hareskov and we could take a train there. Fast forward to today and Pussanee and I loaded our rentals on the train to Hareskov, and found his shop. He was very pleased to see us as we were just his second American Clients.

We rented mountain bikes and he provided us a map, then we asked him where we could get some breakfast and he said he was just about to have breakfast and he asked us to join him as his guests……soon there was a table full of food and Espresso……very gracious of him. …

Soon we were off on a 3.5 hr. mountain bike ride that was really nice, great Forest….and nice flowing single track with some good climbs and even some technical sections, we of course got lost several times….but had a blast and eventually found the shop again…….oh and someone put a Brewery in the forest………soooooo…….what could we do? We rode into the shop and incredibly Birger said he was just cooking Lunch for himself and his 7 workers and he insisted we join them as his guests once again…….so we did……..and he had made a feast, Bolognese Sauce, Pasta, Salad and fresh made bread right out of the oven…..The shop has a full Kitchen with Bread oven…..wine and beer too…..never really seen a shop like this or a owner so friendly to folks from another country that he just met.   Really very kind of him……we sat around for an hour talking before we had to get our train back to Copenhagen.Se mere — i Hareskov

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Georgina Lewis and friends – from Copenhagen to Berlin. September 2013.
“MTB-tours made our cycle trip from Copenhagen to Berlin possible. Being able to hire the bikes one way was the best as we were coming from different cities around the world to meet up for this journey. The bikes were a great comfortable ride and we were provided with the tools and information required for our journey. There were five of us and the MTB-tours staff were helpful and knowledgable. I’d recommend more people do this trip!” Georgi, Chance, Dave, Minh and Cliff (Australian, Kiwis, English and American)

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