Trailers and panniers – rental

How to carry the load

The panniers we have at present time, is high quality and smart to use.
Perfect for a weekend ride, or even a week if you combined panniers and handlebars bags

As a world bike traveller my self (red. Birger Kjærbye),  I find the the Bob Trailer the best way to travel. Easy to handle and contains up to 32 kilos. It can be switched between bikes and riders in a few minutes. Normally the strongest riders will take the trailer and carry the heavy load

Topeak Bob Trailer.
Light weight one-wheel trailer. Easy to snap on the rear quick release. Take up to 32 kilos. The bag is waterproof and removable
Per day/weekend/week – DKK 200,-/DKK 300/DKK 500,-






Topeak Trunk  Dxp – 20 Liter total.
Perfect for shorter journey´s. Foldable and easy to click on/off. 20 Liters
Per day/weekend/week – DKK 200,-/KK 250/DKK400,- Rack included

Topeak mtx trunk dxp









Topeak Bar bag – 5 Liter
Severel store rooms. Safe cover on top for your map.
Per day/weekend/week – DKK 100,-/KK 150/DKK250,- mounted

Toppeak barbag








Ortlieb Roller Bag City – 20 liter
A classic do-it-all pannier. 100 % waterproof, Easy to snap on/off the rack.
Per day/weekend/week – DKK 200,-/KK 250/DKK400,- Rack included

Ortlieb Rolle Back city

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